Sep 30, 2009

First post!

Hi and welcome!
Ok this is my new blog, my first blog ever in SL and RL! I still can't belive I made it... I still don't know why I made it! But well it's done! lol
So what you can find here. Umm... not much text... I'm not good at writing stuff.:p And my English can be terrible and I can use annoyingly too many smilies. Mostly you'll find pics. I love to do LOTD(look of the day) pics and random SL pics: from my travels or my "art" or my new skin pics.:))
Also I'll have some guest appearances! I already contacted few friends.:)
Soo that's about it. If you'll like to read this blog it's fantastic if not well... it's ok too. I'm doing it mainly for me.:))


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